WT Foundation


Artist : Christian Newell

Opening : 23.02.21
Duration 23.02.21-28.03.21

WT Foundation is pleased to announce its inaugural exhibition from its Residency program presenting a solo exhibition of new paintings and drawings by Christian Newell (b. 1991), entitled Apotheosis.

"The key words revolving around this exhibition are Pilgrimage, Self Realisation and Liberation.

The painting and drawings within the show should be seen as snapshots of a journey, the journey of the protagonist, the hero and character of a story. The exhibition works from right to left beginning with the character selection seen in the painting of a man with object in hand, bag on back embarking on his quest. The second painting depicts the world in which he exists, we begin to see the people that inhabit his world, the landscape and also the objective, a cemetery chapel which can be seen in the distance.
When we read a manga or comic book, we are following a sequence of images to make up a story, in the same way the proceeding charcoal drawing is a close up of our character having reached the entrance to the cemetery.
We are introduced to spiritual elements, the guardian angel, deva or higher self which watches over the character and also a cryptic language seen emanating from the object held before him. This cryptic language was created as a way to mystify and hide my writings, to allow me to communicate to an audience through a purely visual representation. The cryptic was based off of the english alphabet and transformed through my own self efforts.The smaller paintings should be seen as the notes and photographs taken by the character along his journey, as to further elaborate his findings and the world that surrounds and interests him, a dream extract, mysterious hole within the earth, a self portrait of drawing of a hero to keep him inspired along the way.
The last two paintings deal with his final arrival to the chapel, however the perspective is now our own as we look into a window as to witness the unravelling of events to come.

Within the silent chamber of this chapel resides a further array of cryptic language, this cryptic is perfect for depictions of more abstract ideas, in this case the ‚five skandas‘ of buddhist study, the five things that make up a so called person, that of form, feeling, perception, thought fabrications and sense consciousnesses. Our character having travelled far was surprised to find that which he was not looking for, but through this sudden enlightenment as to the way things are, he is able to liberate himself, to let go as the flame of desire extinguishes from within him.

The fourth level of enlightenment having been reached, he passes into Nirvana."

- Christian Newell