WT Foundation

Exhibition by Raman Kaminsky

Artist : Raman Kaminsky

Opening : 25.01.22
Duration : 25.01.22-20.02.22

WT Foundation proudly presents a solo exhibition by Raman Kaminsky.

Works of artist are the directly observed image of being, figurative fantasy. Collective analysis of moments.Roman combine together what a person feels and sees.

Roman constantly looking for new combinations of color, techniques, forms and materials in various media. In fact, he is driven by the idea of creating and evolving innovation in art. Artist goal is to make the viewer not believe their eyes, in other words, meet magic.

So, through sketches painted with felt-tip-pens on paper, artist switched to large canvases. Felt-tip-pens for Roman are a symbol of bright, magical, children's drawings.
Nobody expects serious painting done with children's felt-tip pens.
But what if we take these "colored sticks" more seriously? Apply other approaches and techniques, surfaces and volumes.

Due to their low color density, the markers perfectly overlap each other with half-tones, gradations, which allowed artist to work with numerous layering of colors.
This process is similar to «knitting with colors».