WT Foundation

Volo Bevza

Artist : Volo Bevza

Opening : 07.07.22
Duration : 07.07.22 - 28.08.22


The focus of this project is to investigate the role of digital media and digital tools in contemporary visual language. Bevza shows which new perspectives in painting and exhibition practice are made possible by new digital media. He explores the ways in which new digital possibilities and virtual spaces are changing our understanding of space and exhibition practice. Innovations and technologies such as photogrammetry come into particular focus. Bevza works as artistic researcher and lecturer, leads discussions and workshops on the topic of softimage in painting department of the weißensee school of art in Berlin, allowing for deeper and more diverse research.

Fused with software but firmly grounded in the analog permanence (and tradition) of painting, the hybrid images in Volo Bevza’s project are meant to become softimages. They open the space for unexpected thought processes as well as new artistic strategies. According to media theorist Lev Manovich, „software culture" is characterized by a move away from the static "document" in favor of a turn toward dynamic processes. The artist relies on a hybridization of the painting process to open up new, critical perspectives within the medium of painting.
The term Softimage connects together two ideas about the synthetic image: the idea of the image as software and the idea of a soft image - a flexible, adaptable or adaptable image (which, as a result, is also a multiform, multiplatform image). The term appears in Hoelzl and Marie's book Softimage and is conclusive to the project. Using this term, Bevza explores the role of software, of data-based image-producing programs and techniques in the context of visual art, and especially in painting.

*The exhibition Softimage was due to open on 24.02.2022. As a result of Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, the opening was postponed. All the works were left in WTFoundation in the hope to open exhibition later. We are happy to finally be able to present the works of Volo Bevza in WTFoundation between 07.07-28.08.

About the Artist:

Volo Bevza studied stage design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kyiv (UA) from 2010 to2014, where he graduated with a Master’s degree in 2015. This was followed by studies in fine arts at the weißensee school of art and design berlin, where he graduated in 2019 as a master student in the class of Prof. Friederike Feldmann. Bevza’s work deals with the omnipresence of the internet, focusing on the question of the role of painting in the post-digital age. He relies on the hybridization of the painting process to open up new, critical perspectives within the medium of painting. Themes such as the critical failure of digital tools, the shattered dream of egalitarian social media, and democracy in jeopardy as a result, form the background for his artistic practice. Volo Bevza lives in Berlin and works as a visual artist, lecturer and curator.