WT Foundation

Ziping Wang collection

Artist : Ziping Wang

Opening : 9.12.21
Duration : 9.12.21-23.01.22

WT Foundation proudly presents a solo exhibition by Chinese artist Ziping Wang. The body of work that forms this exhibition is a continuation of themes exploring the modern-day abundance of imagery and overexposure to technology.

Wang employs dynamic colours, designs of food packaging and everyday visuals to describe a world of visual overload and accelerating commodification. The striking bright colours are immediately immersive, at once proving how easily our attention can be grabbed by commercialised imagery. The balanced compositions are simultaneously energised by the variety of imagery sources from familiar advertisement logos to Old Master paintings. Each subject is executed in a different pictorial manner, further enhancing the visual flatness and two-dimensionality of each work.

Though at first glance Wang’s compositions may suggest a superficial meaning, beyond the cartoonish depictions of food packaging, wallpaper patterns intermixed with traditional Chinese motifs lies a complexity of narrative threads. Wang’s compositions propose a typology of image regimes, each of which establishes relationships that can be traced across diverse cultural contexts. The artist examines images that encapsulate the motivations of commercialised visuals that are specifically designed to capture our immediate attention. Wang herself is primarily attracted to intensely saturated colours and patterns, which frequently remind her of her childhood, reminiscent of toys or sweet wrappers.
Still lives, saturated tonal palette, pop cultural and art historical references are all blended together to create kaleidoscopic collage-like paintings that mirror the multi-faceted contemporary mindset. The compositional cocktail renders the work to appear as an almost abstract painting, although as Wang herself explains; “My work is neither abstract nor representational because although you may see things that you recognise, they are not what they represent. So, you may see strawberries or pretzels but the painting is not actually about strawberries or pretzels, it’s about this overload of information and anxiousness.”

Wang’s artistic process normally commences during a trip to the grocery store or a visit to a museum where she picks out visuals that have spontaneously stood out to her. She then prints the selected images to create a handmade collage, examining how each cutout interacts and overlays with the other. With a clear cut composition in mind Wang skillfully employs oil paints to create an airbrushed and harmonious aesthetic of surface consistency and uniformity. She then fills the empty spaces with areas of grey and white gridding, resulting in an image that mimics the process of a printer to replicate the flawlessness of a digitally rendered image.

More often than not, the images that we encounter daily on virtual and social platforms are highly edited. Thus, to further document and emphasize how highly modified consumer imagery is, for Wang it is important to draw attention to traces of editing within her own work. The artist states, “as a painter, I’m interested in the elusive nature of modified reality. I use my paintings to document these modifications”. By simultaneously revealing and concealing different fields of imagery, the editing process becomes an integral part of the painting. Hinting at the evasive line between the authentic and distorted reality that we experience when viewing the world through the digital lens.

About the Artist:

Ziping Wang was born in 1995, in Shenyang, China. She received her BFA degree from Rhode Island School of Design in 2017 and went on to achieve an MFA with distinction from Pratt Institute in 2020. Recent solo and group exhibitions include Utopia at Peres Project, (Berlin, 2021), The Other Landscape at Unit London (2021) and Sentimental Touch at Unit London (2020), Platform 2020 at Winston Wachter Fine Arts (New York, 2020), ASYAAF at Gallery LVS (Seoul, 2020), Daydreaming at J.Yuan Associates LLC (New York, 2019), and Artificial Delicacy at Gessoisland Artspace (Shenyang, 2019). In 2020 Wang was selected in Rising Stars 35 under 35 by Saatchi arts. The artist currently lives and works between China and New York.